Downtown homeless shelter infested with lice and scabies, guests winter gear thrown away

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Haven for Hope is throwing away guests blankets and sleeping bags to combat a lice and scabies infestation.

A troubling tactic to some during the winter.

“When we get up in the morning it’s cold,” Haven for Hope guest Machi Salazar said.

Winter hit’s the hardest for people dealing with homelessness.

“Rain, humidity and everything else…your bedding is getting wet,” Haven for Hope guest William Boyce said.

Which is why some try to stay warm at Haven for Hope in Downtown San Antonio.

But on Monday, February 12th, this homeless shelter will be collecting blankets and sleeping bags because of a lice and scabies infestation.

“They don’t take showers, it’s been days, weeks, months,” Salazar said.

In a statement, Haven for Hope states: “Due to the large number of clients that we serve, our staff would not be able to sanitize clients’ blankets and sleeping bags on a daily basis.”

Some people disagree.

“With temperatures right now, it’s wrong,” Passerby Christian Rodriguez-Conde said. “I think it’s wrong.”

In the same statement, Haven for Hope stated they will replace these blankets and sleeping bags when the client leaves the courtyard and enters housing.

But guests like Boyce said their item’s aren’t replaceable.

“Man, some people got nice sleeping bags for Christmas,” Boyce said. “There it goes without their knowledge.”

Boyce said there’s another way Haven for Hope can get the infestation under control without throwing away blankets, sleeping bags or other materials.

“If they don’t take a shower with a bar of lice soap then they gotta go,” Boyce said.

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