San Antonio rent among the most affordable in the country, study shows

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(Courtesy: Apartment List)


According to a report conducted by Apartment List, San Antonio is still among the most affordable cities to live in even though the average rent slightly rose over the past year.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Antonio stands at $830 per month while rent for a two-bedroom averages at about $1,040 per month. The median rent for two-bedrooms locally is below the national average of $1,160.

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Rent increases over the past year have not only occurred in San Antonio, but across the entire state as well. Of the 10 Texas cities Apartment List conducted data on, 9 of them have seen price rises. San Antonio’s average rent grew by 1.6 percent over the past year. The state as a whole saw rent growth of 2.5 percent over the past year. Plano showed to be the most expensive city with a median rent of $1,410 per month for a two-bedroom. Lubbock seems to have the cheapest average rent of $820 per month for a two-bedroom. The study also showed Lubbock as being the only major Texas city to see rent fall over the past year.

(Courtesy: Apartment List)

Many other cities in the country also saw increases, including Phoenix (+3.6%), Atlanta (+2.4%), and Seattle (+2.4%).

(Courtesy: Apartment List)

Here are some key findings from a satisfaction survey done on San Antonio:

San Antonio renters gave their city a A- overall.The highest-rated categories for San Antonio were affordability, which received an A+),and social life, state and local taxes, quality of local schools, and jobs and career opportunities all received A grades.The areas of concern to San Antonio renters are weather and public transit, which both received B grades.Millennial renters and renters who are parents are equally satisfied with their city, with both giving it an A grade.San Antonio did relatively well compared to other cities in Texas, including Houston (B+), Dallas (B), and Fort Worth (B).San Antonio did relatively well compared to other Southwestern cities, including Las Vegas (C) and Tucson, AZ (D).San Antonio did relatively well compared to other cities nationwide, including Los Angeles, CA (C+), New York, NY (C+) and Miami, FL (C+).
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